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Install #RubyOnRails 2.3.3 with Windows 10 and XAMPP

  Use RailsInstaller.exe Version 2.3.3 from RailsInstaller.org The installation itself works fine, but alas this is not the end of the story; the proverbial rabbit-hole. They have an error in their .batĀ files \…Install\Ruby2.3.0\bin. Change the path of …\ruby.exe in the .bat to your local PATH, e.g. C:\RailsInstaller\Rub2.3.0\bin\… rails.bat bundle.bat rake.bat sprockets.bat sqlite3_ruby.bat thor.bat tsql.bat and far more seriously: after you have created your new project [rails new <project-name>] and made any required tweaks to the gemfile and the database.yml, you

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Windows 10 The Update Saga of Build 1607

As a Windows 10 user you may have received the major update which goes by many names [Anniversary, ****] or more formally Build 1607. Has this completely ****ed your PC? If it has then don’t worry, because you can easily go back to the last build: Settings -> Update & Security -> Recovery -> Go back to an earlier Build This is very annoying, but at least your PC will be back to normal. Now there is problem, because Windows

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Windows 10 Good or Bad

I recently read that Which? Readers are unhappy with Windows 10 and forced upgrades. Let’s clear up one thing: I don’t work for MicroSoft and never will. Windows 10 is an excellent OS and moreover is a lot faster than its old sisters Win 7/XP. However, if you upgrade an old PC, say 5+ years then some older devices may not work or Win10 doesn’t have a driver. This can happen and Win10 should come with a Caveat Emptor sticker,

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