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How not to get hacked

On an almost daily basis, we hear about this hack or that data-breach, but what does this really all mean and more importantly how does this affect YOU. This is NOT meant to be a technical article, but you might need to read it a few times for it all to sink in. A hack [slang term nowadays] is really a security attack on a web-site, e.g. a big social media site. This isn’t going to affect YOU directly as

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Install #RubyOnRails 2.3.3 with Windows 10 and XAMPP

  Use RailsInstaller.exe Version 2.3.3 from RailsInstaller.org The installation itself works fine, but alas this is not the end of the story; the proverbial rabbit-hole. They have an error in their .batĀ files \…Install\Ruby2.3.0\bin. Change the path of …\ruby.exe in the .bat to your local PATH, e.g. C:\RailsInstaller\Rub2.3.0\bin\… rails.bat bundle.bat rake.bat sprockets.bat sqlite3_ruby.bat thor.bat tsql.bat and far more seriously: after you have created your new project [rails new <project-name>] and made any required tweaks to the gemfile and the database.yml, you

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Creating Internal WebSites [Properly]

This might seem like an odd thing to discuss, but I had a recent experience with an organisation which has their own web server [XAMPP] on a dedicated PC which they mirror up to their host. All sounds relatively straightforward you might think ? They wanted all their users to access the internal web-server as internal.web [as a URL] and their live server as www.theirdomain.com. Perhaps it’s blindingly obvious to a developer [like me], but this how you do it

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