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Installing your first theme with Magento 2.1

Let’s assume you have the Luma [default] theme installed and it all looks OK ? So the elephant in the room is while that’s great, I can now get my hands on a new theme with new sample data and install this instead ? You’d think that was a pretty simple exercise and while this is sort of true for themes from the Magento marketplace, as a developer it’s nice to know what is really going on here and the

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Magento 2.1 Useful Things To Know

Magento 2.1 Useful Things to Know Sometimes [read always] after a server issue you need to rebuild all the index files and the cache: When I say Server Issue – I mean just about anything you do with Magento outside of the box including migrations, new themes, almost everything and I’ve lost count the number of times I run these commands [use a .bat file]. So, Command Prompt to your {root} folder e.g. /htdocs/magento and from the command prompt: C:/....>

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