What is SPAM e-Mail [really] ?

What is SPAM ? When you receive an e-Mail from anyone [jSmith@gmail.com] assuming the Sender Name and the Real Sender […@…] marry up then it’s NOT SPAM. This is true for most of the e-Mail you will receive. So when they don’t: it is SPAM. Sorry for the reverse explanation ! So how does this happen ? Many people/companies [web-sites] use third party e-Mail services to send out their eMail; this could be a Goggle gMail account or frankly any service.

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Outlook or Thunderbird problem

Although I am personally a fan of web-based e-Mail systems, I totally understand that if you have several e-Mail accounts [lots of good reasons] then you want all of your e-Mail in one place or one APP. Outlook and Thunderbird [two examples] are popular programs or APPs which do this very well. Until, of course, they don’t ! Before the arrival of web-based e-Mail or frankly good systems such as gMail or Outlook [MS] Live most people used to download their

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