React Native and Gradle

What is Gradle ? In very simple terms Gradle, as the name might suggest, is a build platform for your App. So what ? Well just like everything in React-Native it is version specific and when you create your APP you’ll get the default ‘old’ version Gradle build style. When you open your new App with Android Studio you do get prompted to upgrade – Don’t for now or when/if you do….. Old vs New For most APPs this should

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Remove a Library from React-Native

Added in a new library and your App won’t build ? Assuming you’ve just added in a new lib with npm or yarn and run react-native link : You rue the day and this lib has screwed up your App; I could mention a few but some of them [Maps…ummm] really do mess up your build, so you want to remove this module. Remove the code from node_modules with npm uninstall.... Re-run react-native link But the damn lib links are still

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