Windows 10 The Update Saga of Build 1607

As a Windows 10 user you may have received the major update which goes by many names [Anniversary, ****] or more formally Build 1607. Has this completely ****ed your PC? If it has then don’t worry, because you can easily go back to the last build:

Settings -> Update & Security -> Recovery -> Go back to an earlier Build

This is very annoying, but at least your PC will be back to normal.

Now there is problem, because Windows 10 doesn’t officially let you turn off updates [ummmm…we know], but there is a way and it’s rather silly.

Back in the days when people had to pay for Internet usage there was a thing called metering [sixpence in the meter] and just like roaming-profiles you’d come back from hols only to discover you owe your mobile phone provider a mortgage payment.

By enabling metering you effectively turn OFF Windows Updates.

If your PC/Laptop uses Wi-Fi it’s easy to turn ON metering and just go to Settings -> Network and it’s self-explanatory, but if you use a wired connection, i.e. an Ethernet Cable plugged into your PC/Laptop then this is a challenge. Microsoft assume [sic.] that if you connect via a cable [men love them – women not so much] then you don’t need metering and they make it damn hard to turn it on:

You need to edit a Registry Key on your computer and that means running the command regedit.exe. Type in regedit into Cortana and it will list it; then click it to run and it will open up a Notepad type editor.

Then do a search/find for DefaultMediaCost¬†[be very patient] and you’ll see all these keys¬†with a value of ‘1’; you need to change these to ‘2’. The one listed as Ethernet will do. You may note that 3G and 4G are set to ‘2’, i.e. they are metered by default.

Now if this wasn’t bad enough you don’t actually have permissions to do this so you need to right-click on the DefaultMediaCost Group and click Permissions. Then click on Advanced. Still with me at the back ?

This is set to TrustedInstaller and you need to change this to your User Name and when this is done give yourself full-control. Then you can change the DWord value to ‘2’ !

Wasn’t that easy ?

If you gave up the will to live some time ago, then it’s probably a good idea to contact us and we’ll do this for you.

Thanks for reading this.


PS. If you want to know what version of Windows 10 you are running then type in winver into Cortana and click to run it. Build 1511 is the stable one, Build 1607 is the new girl in town.


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