Windows 10 Good or Bad

I recently read that Which? Readers are unhappy with Windows 10 and forced upgrades. Let’s clear up one thing: I don’t work for MicroSoft and never will.

Windows 10 is an excellent OS and moreover is a lot faster than its old sisters Win 7/XP. However, if you upgrade an old PC, say 5+ years then some older devices may not work or Win10 doesn’t have a driver. This can happen and Win10 should come with a Caveat Emptor sticker, but that doesn’t mean your devices can’t and won’t work.

Prior to Build 1607 [more on that later] you could easily install the Windows 7/Vista driver and the device [the non-working one] should work. I have done this for many clients [remotely] and while it does require a little knowledge it’s not impossible unless I guess you are a Which? Reader.

This inconvenience is far out-weighed by the benefits of Win10 [in my opinion]. Windows 10 also runs the latest XAMPP [web-server] platform very well and I would say PhotoShop [a big beast] runs a fair bit quicker.

Now, all is not entirely well and this is an issue relating to the new[ish] build of Windows 10 referred to as the Anniversary Update or Build 1607 if you want the official title. Do NOT update to this version if you have an old PC !

If you do and your devices [old ones] stop working the above fix of installing Win7/Vista drivers will not work and your [new] Win10 will say that this driver is no longer supported. This could mean your speakers stop working or a SD Card Reader won’t recognise large drives. The list goes on. In summary with an old PC stick to Version 1511 and all will be well. This is NOT [or should not be] a problem with modern PCs/Laptops.

So how do you stop Windows 10 from AUTO-upgrading to this new build. Ummm….Not easy [at all], but read my next BLOG and I’ll tell you how.




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